SAP MM Training In Hyderabad

Success IT SAP MM Training In Hyderabad
SAP MM Training In Hyderabad

SAP MM Training in Hyderabad / Bangalore

As the Leading SAP Training Institute in Hyderabad-Bangalore, Success IT offers online as well as class room training for SAP MM module. We have more than 15+ years of training experience in SAP and as well as Real –time working experience in all SAP modules. Training at Success IT is incomparable with any other and they will train you in such a way you will have clear balancing between the theoretical knowledge and real world environment.

Welcome To Best SAP MM Training Institute In Hyderabad

What Is SAP ?

Systematic Analysis Software: SAP has halved the company’s workload and, due to its ability to perform complex activities and processes, is particularly popular with multinational and high-net-worth companies.  The main objective of the program is to provide users with a single, unified set of data, which is guaranteed by its comprehensive modules, so the implementation should be carried out by a person with the appropriate knowledge and experience.

What Is SAP MM ?

SAP MM is a solution for business-to-business (B2B) commerce. It is an enterprise resource planning software that helps companies to manage their supply chains.

The SAP MM module helps in managing the supply chain by automating the many tasks involved in it. The module also facilitates the optimization of resources along with providing detailed reporting on various aspects of the supply chain.

SAP MM is a solution for B2B commerce that provides automation, optimization, and detailed reporting on aspects of the supply chain.

Why is SAP MM Important for Your Business?

SAP MM is a business solution that facilitates the process of managing and administering all aspects of a company’s financial operations.

SAP MM helps to automate and streamline the repetitive tasks involved in managing an organization’s financial data, such as purchase orders, invoices, receipts, payments and more. It also helps to integrate these disparate data sources so they can be used to generate accurate reports on a company’s performance.

SAP MM is crucial for any business because it supports key business processes such as accounting, warehousing and logistics.

What are the Benefits in SAP MM Training ?

SAP is a German-based enterprise software company that provides business-related solutions. SAP is used in more than 195 countries and has approximately 300,000 customers.

SAP MM (Manufacturing Management) is an application that helps companies to optimize their operational processes by managing the supply chain, production, sales and service. SAP MM helps companies to get the most out of their business data by integrating it with other applications like ERP or CRM.

There are many benefits in SAP MM such as:

– The user can get the most out of their data by integrating it with other applications like ERP or CRM.

– It also improves internal processes within the company, which leads to lower costs and better customer service.

– The user will be able to improve their warehouse management

What are the Top 3 Things You Should Know About SAP MM?

SAP is a well-known enterprise software company that produces business software and solutions. SAP MM is a module in SAP ERP that provides the functionality to manage the manufacturing process.


The following are the top three things you should know about SAP MM:


1) It supports all aspects of manufacturing, from warehousing and production to sales and distribution

2) It has a modular architecture which allows it to be deployed as a stand-alone system or integrated with other modules such as SAP ERP or SAP CRM

3) It can be used by organizations of any size

Is SAP MM Training Right for Career ?

There is No prerequisite needed for anyone who wants to work in the SAP software industry. The training provides an overview of the different modules and tools that are used in SAP.


SAP MM Training is one of the most sought after training courses nowadays. It is designed for people who want to work with SAP software and understand how it can be used to manage business processes more efficiently.


The course will provide an overview of the different modules and tools that are used in SAP. The course will also teach you how to use these modules and tools, which will help you get a job as a consultant or software developer at any company that uses SAP software.

Why SAP MM Training In Hyderabad at Success IT ?

Welcome to Success IT Institute for IT Training, one of the best institutions in Hyderabad. We are one of those organizations that not only provide in-depth subject knowledge, but also hands-on training on exposure to many criteria to develop corporate and business skills.  Continuing our tradition of Success IT, we successfully conduct SAP MM training, which makes it one of the best places to deliver the best SAP MM training in Hyderabad and turn our students into experts in this program. 


For the SAP MM course, the center provides a classroom experience in which skills, knowledge, and competencies are inculcated in the minds of students, enabling them to become the industry’s in-demand experts.


Success IT’s SAP MM Procurement approach can help you simplify processes such as procurement, inventory control, claims processing, international procurement, solutions, costing, forecasting, reporting, cross-application integration, and modification.  These general and advanced training modules on Success IT in Hyderabad will be helpful in giving you a head start on one of the most prominent courses in today’s job market.


  • Login
  • Sessions
  • SAP Screens
  • Features of SAP Navigations
  • Organization Data
  • Master Data
  • Transactions
  • Reports
  • Integration with other modules
  • Creation of Plant
  • Storage Location
  • Purchase Organization
  • Standard Purchase Organization
  • Reference Purchase Organization
  • Purchase Groups and Assignment

Master Data

  • Material Types
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Material Types
  • Creation of Materials Master
  • Material Groups
  • Change and display of Material Master etc
  • Vendor Account Group
  • Number Ranges
  • Assignment of Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups
  • Creation of Vendor Master
  • One Time Vendor
  • Partner Functions
  • Number Range for Info Record
  • Creation of Info Record with and without Plant etc.
  • Change and Display of Info Record etc.

Source List – Quota Arrangement

  • Number Range for PR
  • Define New Document type
  • Requisition or Tracking No.
  • Source Determination
  • Assignment of Source
  • Number Range for RFQs
  • Define New Document type
  • Create/Change/Display RFQ
  • Print/Transmit RFQ
  • Maintaining Quotations
  • Rejection of Quotation
  • Comparison of Quotations with Mean Price
  • Maximum Price and Minimum Price
  • Use of Collective Number for Comparison
  • Number Range for Purchase Order
  • Create/Change/Display PO
  • PO with Reference to PR/Quotation/Contract
  • PO w/o Material Master
  • Number Range for Contracts
  • Value Contract
  • Quantity Contract
  • Centrally Agreed Contract
  • Contract Release Order
  • Contracts with Reference purchase Organization
  • Number Range for Scheduling Agreements
  • Creation of Scheduling Agreements
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Creation of Automatic PO
  • Pre Requisites for Creation of Automatic PO etc
  • Domestic/Import Pricing Procedure
  • STO Pricing Procedure
  • Release Procedure for PR
  • Release Procedure for External Purchasing Documents
  • Number range for Material Documents
  • Movement Types
  • GR W.R.T Orders/Deliveries/Others
  • Different stock types for GR
  • Reversal of GR
  • Cancellation of GR
  • Accounting Documents etc.
  • GI W.R.T Order/BOM/Others
  • A/C Document
  • Plant to Plant/Store to Store
  • One Step Procedure
  • Two Step Procedure
  • Manual Physical Inventory
  • Cycle Counting

Batch Management – MRP

  • Invoice verification
  • Subsequent Credits
  • Subsequent Debits and Credit Memos
  • Parking of Invoices
  • Blocking and Release of Invoices
  • ERS etc.
  • Consignments
  • Pipeline Materials
  • Sub Contracting Process
  • Returnable Transport Packaging etc
  • Third Party
  • Intra and Inter Company Stock Transfer
  • Service Master Record
  • PO for Service
  • Service Entry Sheet
  • Invoice Verification for Service
  • A/c Determination with Wizard
  • A/c Determination w/o Wizard
  • Split Valuation
  • MM-SD
  • MM-PP
  • MM- FICO
  • Reports
  • IDOC
  • Tables
  • Experiences from Implementations (Case Study or Project)
  • Setting Up Company Structures (Organizational Units in mySAP Business Suite)
  • Integration and Dependencies.

Features of SAP MM Training In Hyderabad:

1. In-Depth Curriculum
Explore a meticulously crafted curriculum that covers every aspect of SAP MM. Sudhakar Reddy ensures that each module is designed to provide a holistic understanding, making you proficient in Materials Management within the SAP ecosystem.


2. Expert Guidance by Sudhakar Reddy
Benefit from the wealth of knowledge and industry experience that Sudhakar Reddy brings to the table. His expertise ensures a learning environment that goes beyond theoretical concepts, offering real-world insights that are invaluable for your SAP MM journey.


3. Practical Hands-On Sessions

Put theory into practice with hands-on sessions that simulate real-world scenarios. Success IT believes in a practical approach to learning, allowing you to build confidence in your SAP MM skills through immersive experiences.


4. Personalized Attention
Experience personalized attention in small class sizes, fostering an environment where your queries are addressed promptly. Sudhakar Reddy’s commitment to your success is reflected in the individualized support provided throughout the course.


Downloading Steps for SAP MM Training Material

1. Accessing the Training Portal
Navigate to the Success IT training portal using the provided link. Enter your credentials or sign up for an account if you are a new user.


2. Selecting the SAP MM Training Module
Once logged in, locate the SAP MM Training module. Click on it to reveal a list of downloadable materials associated with the course.


3. Choose Your Desired Content
Browse through the available training materials and select the content you wish to download. Whether it’s lecture notes, practical guides, or supplementary resources, pick what aligns with your learning goals.


4. Confirm and Download
After selecting your desired content, confirm your choices and initiate the download process. The materials will be saved to your device for convenient access during your SAP MM Training.

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